Best Pizza in Chiang Mai

Best pizza in Chiang Mai? That must be the pizza at 2Getherbar & Restaurant. The popular 2Getherbar & Restaurant is the proud holder of two consecutive “Best Pizza” awards – Best Thin Crust Pizza Chiang Mai 2015, and Best Pizza Chiang Mai 2016.

Best Italian Pizza Chiang Mai

The freshly-baked and made-to-order pizzas are steadily gaining renown on the busy Chiang Mai food circuit. And, as if the “Best Pizza” awards were not sufficient, the 2Getherbar & Restaurant is now backed up by TripAdvisor’s certificates of excellence for both 2016 and 2017. Congratulations to all the Team!


Why 2Getherbar & Restaurant has the best Pizzas in Chiang Mai.

Best Pizza Chiang Mai 2015 Of course, it helps when you have a native Italian calling the shots in the kitchen, and this professional pizza-maker is available to take your requests every evening, even providing a tailor-made pizza to those who request it. Nevertheless, there is a satisfyingly wide-range of options on the pizza menu, from classics such as the Hawaiian, through to the delicious Calzone and vegetarian options.

Having a real Pizzaiolo (Italian for Pizza Chef) who loves his trade is half the job. The next real secret lies in the dough. Our thin-styled pizza has a perfect crust that is freshly-made daily with everything done by hand. This way we provide a consistently high-quality pizza.

The initial signs of professionalism and attention to detail can thusly be found in the preparation of the signature thin-crust dough.  This is no frozen pre-prepared product. The pizza-dough is prepared freshly for you each day by Chef Marco himself.  Not only is this reassuring for those who care about their food, but it is also reflected in the quality of the taste and texture.

Our Pizza Menu and variations

Best Pizza Chiang Mai 2016 A thin crust pizza has the advantages of being light enough to consume without causing one to feel bloated, and moreover allows the various combinations of toppings and flavors to be fully experienced and savoured.

A variety of cheeses are used in combination, and there is even a special pizza for those days when you have just got to get a cheese fix – the “Quattro Formaggi” features a mouth-watering array of melted cheeses, with parmesan, gorgonzola, gouda and mozzarella all mixed together with the tomato sauce to guarantee that any pizza craving is fully met and satisfied.  Truly a superb pizza!

It is also important to note that the pizza experience at 2Getherbar & Restaurant is not just about cheese, ham and tomato. Chef Marco has curated a selection of delightful European deli products that you would be hard-pressed to find in other outlets in the region.  Perhaps this is one of the reasons why this pizza continues to pick up awards?

Best Pizza Chiang Mai 2015 For example, the “Kielbasa” features Polish kielbasa, a special kind of European sausage. If you have never tasted kielbasa before, then why not come and try it out?  2Getherbar & Restaurant is pleased to broaden your horizons and offer you new culinary experiences alongside the traditional favourites.

The Chorizo pizza, as the name suggests, offers you Spanish chorizo along with your mozzarella, while the newly-created Bianco Deliziosa combines Italian sausage with a delicious cream-roasted garlic sauce.  Yummy!

Completing the European theme and to ensure that this is veritably a diverse pizza menu, the “Old Dutch” features imported old Dutch cheese along with shitake mushroom, chorizo and sprouts. An unusual combination you might think, so why not come over and speak to some of the Dutch regulars? You may get talked into trying out a new taste sensation!

Finally, there is also a sea-food option for those that live to eat sea-food, with shrimp, mussels and squid ready to adorn your pizza in abundant fashion.

So, quite the menu, and quite the chef!  Congratulations again to 2Getherbar & Restaurant for winning back-to-back best pizza awards in Chiang Mai, and if you have not yet tasted Chef Marco’s creations, then do come over and choose a pizza that suits your palate. The prices are very reasonable for such an authentic product served right in the heart of this foodie city, and generally you can order a pizza from around 5.00pm to midnight.

With many other items on the menu, you are sure to enjoy a pleasant and sociable time at 2Getherbar & Restaurant. See you soon!