Pizza Freshly-made in Chiang Mai


Pizza is now added on the menu of the 2Getherbar and Restaurant Chiang Mai. This special attraction is cooked by Marco our Italian chef! Whether you are a vegetarian or a meat-lover, there is sure to be a pizza that appeals to you. And, make no mistakes. This is no small mass-produced pizza – this is large and authentic thin-crust. Prepared Italian-style by an Italian national who knows exactly what he is doing.

Pizza 2Getherbar&Restaurant--CM-Eats1S

So, come and enjoy freshly prepared pizzas at 2gether Bar and Restaurant. We use the word ‘fresh” because the dough is prepared each day. Not simply taken out of the freezer and reheated. Our Italian chef will be delighted to prepare your pizza of choice, and you can even meet him in person.

Pizza toppings in a wide variety


Choose from a wide variety of styles, including salami, salmon, seafood, vegetarian, mushroom, and the newly added Spanish chorizo. Of course we have classics such as meat love, hawaii and prosciutto funghi. We also have a fine Polish Kielbasa. A particular favourite is the “Quattro Formaggio”, which, as the name suggests, combines four cheeses into a delicious blend featuring an extra kick deriving from the use of high-quality imported cheeses. Specials are the ones with the white sauce, created by Marco. Our customers often elect to drink a glass of wine with their pizza. Or you can choose from our wide selection of beers. Perhaps you would even care for a cup of fresh coffee or tea.

Best Pizza in Chiang Mai


However, be warned, because after eating one of our pizzas you are definitely going to want to come back again. And what’s more, our popular chef is around until midnight and is always happy to cook a delicious pizza for you. So, whenever you feel like a snack late in the evening, you know where to come.


But, please don’t take our word for it – our fresh Italian pizzas have just been awarded the prize of “Best Thin-Crust Pizza” by the popular and influential Chiang Mai Eats group! Which boasts over 4,000 members and is widely respected across the city. A great achievement! Come and try our award-winning pizza – freshly-made Italian style!

In summary, 2Gether Bar and Restaurant Chiang Mai has long been established as an excellent venue for relaxing, eating and drinking, playing pool on quality tables and simply hanging out with friendly people. But now, there is an added dimension – delicious fresh! Don’t miss it.