Pool at 2Getherbar Chiang Mai


Any visitor to Chiang Mai will quickly notice the profusion of pool tables located in bars and restaurants all over the city. 2Getherbar & Restaurant has always enjoyed a very busy pool scene, but this new venue has seen the installation of two top-grade tables that rank among the best in Chiang Mai, and this is now one of the premier pool destinations in the city.

Quality Pool tables in 2Getherbar Chiang Mai


It is always a challenge to maintain good quality playing surfaces in a climate such as Thailand’s, but the balls run pretty straight at 2Gether Bar, with plenty of grip on the cloth for spin, and good quality cues carefully finished with high-grade tips.

The two attractive tables take centre stage in the inside area at 2Getherbar, and there is plenty of seating around the sides from which to watch the games and cheer on your friends or your team. Simply write your name on the board if you wish to play, and you will soon get the chance to play a fun game or even a competitive one. Of course, having two tables means that you never have to wait a long time to play.

Chiang Mai Pool League at 2Getherbar Chiang Mai


You will also quickly notice that there are some pretty good players around Chiang Mai, and on Fridays the Chiang Mai Pool League takes place featuring 30+ teams competing from bars and restaurants across the city. 2Getherbar & Restaurant has a number of teams in the league, so come along and watch the games, or ask Pascal about the possibility of joining a team. At this moment we play with the maximum of 4 teams in the Chiang Mai Pool League.

Also, keep an eye out for the individual competitions that feature cash prizes and attract the very best players. And if you lucky you can see the best pool or snooker players of Thailand. They visit the bar sometimes.